Well hello there!

Welcome to Your Business Analyst Guide.

Are you curious about the Business Analyst field? Maybe weighing your options as you prepare for college?

Perhaps you are just graduating and are getting ready to take your seat at a brand new company – exciting times! Sure, it can be nerve wracking…just take a deep breath and keep reading.

Or maybe you are a seasoned Business Analyst who is looking to connect with others, brush up on a few skills, or keep up with the current happenings in the field.

No matter where you are in your career, my personal goal is to build a vibrant community that will help you become a better Business Analyst. Sure, better is a relative term and can be pretty vague, so let me add a little color to the palate.

Becoming better at something doesn’t necessarily mean mastering it. It simply means moving the scale forward at least one notch at a time. Over time this continual bettering will eventually get you to expert status, but if you want a sure-fire way to quickly become overwhelmed, try to go from Zero-to-Expert in a day — it’s just not possible. By learning a little, gaining some understanding, demonstrating your ability, and helping to teach and grow others, your level of mastery will continually increase.

So grab a cup of something, read a little, ask questions in the comments, discuss thoughts and ideas, utilize the resources, ask even more questions, and help each other understand. This community is for you. Make yourself at home and invite others to come and hang out.

See you in the comment threads!



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