10 Business Analyst Blogs You Need To Follow

10 Business Analyst Blogs You Need To Follow

One way to be a better Business Analyst is to learn from others who are rocking it out and are sharing information. The intro is short to this one, but the content is exponentially useful. Check out the blogs listed below and feel free to add in your suggestions down in the comments!

  1. Adrian Reed’s Blog – Adrian is based in the UK and his writing style is informative, insightful, and engaging. Want a good example – check out his post on turbulence and data!
  2. BA Mentor – While it is technically not a blog, this sight is run by a small group of seasoned BAs who love what they do. Their articles are always helpful, especially when you are looking to sit for the CBAP and CCBA.
  3. BA Times – This is a must-read for any BA. The group of authors who write for BA Times have over 155 years of experience collectively. Wisdom, anyone?
  4. Bridging the Gap – Laura Brandenburg is just awesome. That’s really all there is to it. You should listen to what she says and bask in her knowledge. Plus, she is pretty darn funny, too. Laura has tons of resources for the BA career and I hope to one day be at least half as impactful to the BA community as she has been to my career (even though she probably doesn’t know it).
  5. Business Analyst Learnings – Your one-stop-shop for BA resources. With timely blog posts and a wealth of practical knowledge, BAL is top notch for learning about the BA field. You could literally spend months combing through all the content and still not reach the end.
  6. IIBA – The group that wrote the book (BABOK) probably has a lot of knowledge to share. Just sayin’.
  7. Modern Analyst – With awesome forums, a thriving community and articles out the wahzoo, the Modern Analyst is the place to be. While they are not strictly BA intensive, it is awesome to get a view from other related analysis fields. Stop in, meet some folks and start networking with other analysts today.
  8. Practical Analyst – With a tag line of “Practical Insights for Business Problem Solvers,” what’s not to love about this? Jonathan started his blog for much the same reason as I have begun this one – to get better at business analysis while helping others to do the same.
  9. Practical Requirements Management – Run by the awesome folks at Accompa, Inc., PRM is dedicated to one of the biggest tasks BAs deal with on a day-to-day basis – Requirements Management. Sure is a good thing they don’t monkey around (at least not too much, anyway).
  10. Seilevel Blog – Coming from a software requirements standpoint, the Seilevel Blog is a hard-hitting repository for everything requirements-related. If you have a requirement question, here is where to find the answer.

Well, there you have it. Short and sweet today. What did I leave out? Did I miss any important blogs that have helped you with your BA career? Let me know down in the comments so I can add them to my list!


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