Welcome to Your Business Analyst Guide!

My name is Sal and I work as a Business Analyst for a major IT company. I believe Business Analysts are key to thriving companies. Sure, other positions are vitally important as well, and major companies couldn’t run without them. Business Analysts work with a different mindset to make businesses run more efficiently and get rid of programs and projects that are failing. The Business Analysts are the ones crunching through numbers and solving complex problems.

In order to do this well, it is important to have a set of best practices and a community to throw ideas against for evaluation. Your Business Analyst Guide exists to do just that – provide a tangible set of best practices and a community to help you become a better Business Analyst.

The goal of this site is not for one person to dominate the posts and distribution of knowledge, but to have a collective group of people working together to make the profession and at the same time, each other, better.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions for the site, or would like to pitch an idea for a post, a product review, or an adjustment within the framework of the blog, feel free to reach out to me by email to svilardo2 at gmail dot com. Please keep in mind the audience and mission of the site when pitching as I also have a background in PR and Marketing, so spotting shameless plugs for your own product comes easy to me.

I hope to see you in the comment threads, becoming a better Business Analyst!



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